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Knowing Mary

This is a 6 part course to help you deepen your understanding of Mary. Join Fr Rob Galea, Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen), and many other guest speakers as we seek to understand the role of Mary in your life. 

School Of Prayer

This is a 7 part course designed to help you build a strong and ongoing prayer life. Throughout this course, you will learn what prayer is, why you should pray, and will be guided through practical forms of prayer that you can apply to your daily routine.

Introduction To The Bible

In this 6 part course, you will learn about what the Bible is and is not, the Old Testament, the New Testament, how to read the Bible and how to pray with the Bible.

The Mass

In this 8 part course, Fr Rob Galea will lead you through each part of the Mass. As you learn about the meaning behind each symbol, gesture and prayer, your understanding of what happens during the Mass will be transformed. 

Pentecost And The Holy Spirit

This is a 3 part short course to help you deepen your understanding of the Holy Spirit and what Pentecost, the coming down of the Holy Spirit, means in our lives.

Stations Of The Cross

An online resource where you can pray and reflect on the fourteen moments commemorating Jesus' condemnation, suffering, death and burial at your own pace. 

The Sacraments Part 1

This course gives an introduction into the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. Fr Rob Galea, Alyssa Agius, and Georga Byrne explain why the Church has the sacraments and what they mean in our lives. The Sacraments Part 1 looks in depth at the sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist.

School Talk: Vocation

God created each person with a unique role to play in the world. This talk looks at the universal call God has for our lives, the different vocations and roles we're called to live out, and how to discover God's plan for our lives.

School Talk: Higher Than The Clouds

The world as we know it is changing and may never be the same again. Where is God in all of this change? Can we continue to believe in a loving and caring God in this new world?

WKLY With Fr Rob - Did Jesus Really Exist?

In this episode of WKLY, Fr Rob explores the historicity of Jesus. Did Jesus really exist? Or was Jesus just a made up character by the authors of the Bible?And if Jesus really did exist, then what does this mean for us today?

WKLY With Fr Rob - Stress & Anxiety

In this episode of WKLY, Fr Rob talks about stress and anxiety. Join Fr Rob as he shares strategies on what we can do to overcome these feelings, and how we can find joy and hope in the midst of feeling stressed and anxious.

WKLY With Fr Rob - Do Animals Go To Heaven?

In this episode of WKLY, Fr Rob talks about heaven. Join Fr Rob as he talks about what heaven is, what we can learn from our pets, and whether animals go to heaven. 

WKLY With Fr Rob - Get Rid Of Your Big 'Buts'

In this episode of WKLY, Fr Rob talks about fear and how it can hold us back from achieving greatness. Join Fr Rob as he talks about what fear is, and shares a few tips on how we can live in joy and in the fullness of what God has promised for our lives.


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